Bay Road’s favourite varieties are Spring Pearl, Oriental Pearl and Snow Maiden Snow Maiden is the smallest Rhaphiolepis with smaller leaves, pure white flowers growing 0.7m and 0.5 m wide. Available seasonally. Spring pearl is our most popular Rhaphiolepis. It has a dense mounding habit, larger rounded leaves with a soft light green new growth. White flowers appear above the foliage in spring. Grows 1m wide to 1m high. Oriental pearl is another Rhaphiolepis hybrid that grows the same as Spring Pearl with pointed leaves and attractive white flowers with pink stamens. Available seasonally. Grows 1m x 1m.

Rhaphiolepis are one of Bay Road’s favourite small border plants. These super hardy compact plants need little or no pruning. Dry, salt, wind, tolerant, they are ideal in coastal positions and thrive in our sandy soils. Very little care required.