In recent years there have been more people wanting to introduce plants and greenery on their balconies and terraces in high rise building complexes.

People have different reasons for wanting plants on their balconies. Some want to see green, and feel a little part of nature close to them, some want colour and enjoy the beauty and joy of looking after plants, herbs and home grown tomatoes and veggies are always popular,  sometimes it’s for screening and privacy and every pets enjoy a little patch of pet grass to chew on while at home. All these things can be achieved with the right advice. That’s where we at Bay Road nursery can help you have success.


The most important thing is being able to keep your plants watered. Balconies are usually quite exposed to drying breezes and sunlight. Both these things can cause a small plant to dry out, and a plant will only dry out once!


The first thing is to use larger pots, these hold more potting mix and therefore more moisture, we find square pots or window boxes are best because they are less likely to blow over and they hold a greater amount of that all-important water holding quality potting mix. We have a great range of light weight pots for these purposes.


Then there is the plant selection. There are some particularly tough plants we can suggest that cope with the sometimes harsh conditions on balconies.

For screening Miles Choice compact Bay tree is ideal, or Ficus Flash can both be grown to around 1.8m tall in a window box or pot.

There is a range of dwarf growing citrus, Lemoniscous lemon, Limes and Ornamental Cumquats.

Most herbs can be grown and are helped by the use of a saucer under the pot to slow the drying out process on hot days.

Succulents, Geraniums, Flowering Vinca and many others can be suggested with consultation with one of our experienced staff.


Bay Road Nursery and Café also has an at home advice service where we can come and see your balcony areas and help customize your look and deliver and install everything for you.


Come in with some photos to give us an idea of the look and take note of whether you get full sun, how much wind and any other of the elements that may affect plants.

Plants are the same as us sometimes. If it’s pleasant conditions for us the chances are the plants will like it too.